The Hardest-Working Mom On The Planet

If you think your life as a mom was tough, try being an mother octopus. Lets look at what this particular mother does for her babies. She is pregnant for about 5 months after which she finds the perfect water temperature and expels 56,000 eggs after which she collects them in groups and attaches them together. She finds a safe haven on the ocean floor and spends another 5 months protecting all 56,000 babies. All this time, she doesn’t eat because that would put her eggs in danger. Finally when the time is right, she blows or expels all her babies out. Her babies head to the surface only to be met with predators and at the end of all this, she yields about 2 babies out of 56,000. So be happy your not an octopus mom.

Key Takeaways:

  • A mommy octopus spends about five months pregnant, and she will lay thousands of eggs.
  • She protects the eggs so that other sea critters can’t get to them and eat them.
  • As she slowly starts to die, she frees all of her eggs with a blow with one of her last breaths.

“She will produce (and this will take her a month or so) about 56,000 individuals, who float free until she gathers them into groups, then stitches them into hanging braids, like a bead curtain in a Chinese restaurant.”

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