What is Broadband internet connection?

Modem WiFi router

Broadband refers to high internet connection. In other words, it is fast internet access. There are no clear definitions of what high internet connection should be but it is easy to determine if your internet is fast enough on some set benchmarks. High internet connection is anything which has speeds of over 256 Kilobytes per second. However, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recognizes high internet speeds to be a minimum of 768 kbps or more in bit rate. The standard dial-up internet connection which most of us use, has only a bit rate of 56kps.

However, I understand that numbers are not everyone’s bread and butter and therefore if the above numerals do not mean much to you, what you simply need to understand is that a high internet connection allows you to download, upload, stream or do any other task online without a hitch. Broadband internet connections will give you a breath-taking internet experience.

Compared to the dial-up or the narrow internet connection, broadband connection is similar to a highway with countless lanes which allows more traffic. Most broadband connections are done by use of a modem WiFi router, cable or the DSL connection. The use of DSL makes broadband internet connection more affordable but the speeds and quality of the connections will all depend with where you are located.

To get a reliable broadband connection, you need to hire the services of a reputable Internet Service Provider (ISP). One well established UK business broadband provider is Lascom Solutions Ltd. They offer  free telephone line with broadband installation, along with all the various technologies, ADSL, FTTF, FTTP and leased lines. They can tailor an unlimited use package to suit business needs. That’s why it’s wise to settle on a provider with best, affordable and guaranteed coverage in your location. Their prices are also, fixed for the duration of the contract and for UK based business only.